Daily: February 6, 2015

CD-inspired original artwork by Japanese artist Kina Sato


Stray Cat’s Dream – CD release by Sargasso

Almost two years after my first album release on the Sargasso label 'Clouds That I Like' (SCD28067 www.sargasso.com), the new album ‘Stray Cat’s Dream’ continues the exploration of the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi, which has also been the main subject of my doctoral and postdoctoral research since 2004. This concept, although impossible to accurately translate due to the huge amount of aesthetic connotations that have accumulated over the years, relates to terms such as simplicity, irregularity, emptiness, humility, primitiveness, impermanence and unpretentiousness. Having spent several years, studying, analysing complex contemporary works and trained to compose in this idiom, but also