Daily: February 26, 2014

  • Kushiro Ice Festival, illumination on ice

  • Typical view from my bedroom window

  • Ice maize, Kushiro Fisherman’s Warf MOO

  • Ice maize, children

  • Illumination on ice

  • Ainu shop, Akan

  • Traditional Ainu hut, Akan

  • Traditional Ainu houses, Akan

  • Snowfrog, Akan

  • Nearby park, Kushiro

  • 'Extra' cold drinks' vending machines

Winter in Hokkaido

Days and weeks passed without surprises like the weather that followed pretty much the same pattern; cloudy with snow–sunny but icy cold. My progress in Japanese was slow but steady and when I felt like it I would compose. Despite the fact I was literally surrounded by snow and ice (in the mornings the temperature in my room would drop to around 1C and the windows were covered with icicles) I would feel more inspired by imagery associating with warmth rather than my surrounding images. That came as a surprise to me as I recalled the winter I spend in